Over the last week I’ve spent quite a bit of time working with some new friends–Dutch artist Beer https://buycbdproducts.com Geer and Icelandic musician Anton Kaldal (aka Tonik)–on a project of Beer’s. Beer’s been working on a (really cool) Flash project to create visuals using brain waves. Early in the artist residency here in Reykjavik, we talked about applying a similar process to music. Based on your level of meditation (essentially, mental calm), you can control the amount and type of music you hear. I’ve recycled a bit of concept and code from the Song That Never Ends project, but most of this owes to Beer’s application.

Here’s a (pretty long) example track, in which I’ve tried to model what the experience might sound like for a user (based on musical collaboration with Anton and rules determined by Beer and me):

Aurora Project, Nests Mix (First Draft)

I’ll probably post a proper mix soon. I’m also keen on hearing some mixes by Beer and Anton, hopefully.

Stay tuned for updates on the (currently named) Aurora Project.