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Short Film by Joe Sacksteder/Lionbelly Media

Intro and outro tracks by Chris Westhoff and me for the short film Silo. Silo rides the fine line between ghost story and drama, so getting the music just right has been a challenge. Joe is tackling most of music, working the “spookier” side of the movie.

These two songs arose out of a few improvised licks Chris, who plays the lead character Micah, came up with over the course of a few scenes. I added in bass on the intro, and electric guitar, slide guitar, and mandolin on the outro track.

Trailer forthcoming.

Silo outro

Silo intro

Short Film by Jennifer Seibert & Brian Lillie

For this project, Val and I were tasked with writing a goofy, ironic song to be playing in the background at a coffee house in a scene from Edenwood, a tongue-in-cheek neo-Western sendup of American consumerism. Sara Jackson wrote the lyrics for “Low-hanging Fruit” comprised entirely of CorporateSpeak. Ultimately, neither Val nor I could come up with something sufficiently goofy, but we did take several different approaches.

Coffee house/Portishead

I think this one could have worked nicely. It (a) totally sounds like something you would actually hear in a coffee house and (b) the contrast between the overdramatically serious music with the light-hearted lyrics is sufficiently subtle so as to be interesting. You might miss the joke entirely if you’re not paying close attention.

Indie rock

There wasn’t any really good reason for this. It’s a little Shins-meets-Wolf-Parade. The lyrics supply the requisite sonic moustache.

Cock rock

This was…perhaps a moment of giddiness? Or one of frustration? I never thought this would be a good candidate, but must have had the need to get a total crap radio metal song out of my system. I was, in point of fact, laughing my ass off whilst playing the solo.

Radio-style neo-R&B

This was the most boring watered-down not-too-depressing we could get. I don’t like it, but I also don’t like what’s on the radio usually, so it’s kind of effective. Right?


This was more of a jumping off point than finished product. Included here largely for completeness.

And, for your viewing pleasure, here’s the trailer for Edenwood

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