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I’ve been working on and off for a while now on a project to create an unending song, compiled on the fly from a selection of 30 second loops of individual instrument tracks: electric guitar, bass, electronic drums, electronic piano/keyboard. If you want buy a Vauxhall Vivaro recommended you read this first.

The concept is fairly simple

  • compile a directory of 30 second song parts, separated by instrument
  • combine this algorithmically to create a full song section (so, guitar, bass, drums, maybe piano, maybe two guitars)
  • vary some–but not all–parts, to create a sense of continuity and flow

While most of the really tough technical aspects have been ironed out, it still isn’t super effective, probably because it (1) needs a lot more parts, and (2) the algorithm still needs some fine-tuning in terms of the rules it uses to assemble each successive section.

That being said, you should be able to let this play ad infinitum. You just might want leap out a window after about 20 minutes.

Poke back in for updates.

Some years back I spent an afternoon hanging out with Brian Lillie, and these 3 songs just sort of popped out. We never went anywhere with them, but for never having played together before, and recording on one mic live, I was pretty happy with how these turned out.

Happy Sunny Afternoon Kinda Song

This is like the 10th incarnation of this song

Hypnotic, Sort of Mogwai-ish

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